Plastic Surgery Considerations


Plastic surgery is increasingly becoming popular. Though it was originally intended to help patients who have suffered physical trauma during the war, it had created a far more reaching effect in our time. These days it is not uncommon to see friends or co-workers come in with a more sculpted face, a slimmer and more defined waistline or a more obvious breast size. Cosmetic surgery is being done on all kinds and ages of people. More and more people are availing of this opportunity to look their better selves and complying with their and the society's standard of beauty. There are certain benefits to getting plastic surgery, but for many patients, the emotional effect is much more compelling than the actual physical result. Knowing that they have finally achieved what they have wanted or dreamed of for a long time and being able to show it is a great confidence booster. 

If you are thinking of having plastic surgery, do not just go yet to the first plastic surgeon you see. This is your face or your body we are talking about and you have only one, so it is very important that you go to the right one. Not all plastic surgeons have the same skills nor accumulated years of experience, and there are also not unscrupulous people pretending to be plastic surgeons, so you must be very careful in selecting the plastic surgeon you will go to. Consider the following tips in selecting the best plastic surgeon.

1. Ask for recommendations from people who have also undergone plastic surgery. They are the best source of plastic surgeons and they have the personal experience to back up their recommendations. If you do not know anyone who has had a plastic or cosmetic surgery, then you can ask your friends or people you know for names of people they know who had plastic surgery done by a denver plastic surgeon. Talk to these people and get recommendations.

2. When you have created a list of names, this is where you should do your own research. If you are looking for a denver plastic surgeon and you have several names on your list, check for board certification and ASAPS membership. The board certification is to ensure that the doctor has a surgical specialty and the ASAPS membership is to certify that the doctor has significant experience in cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery are different. Plastic surgery deals with reconstructive surgery, trauma surgery, congenital defect repair, and cosmetic surgery  while cosmetic surgery deals with enhancing a person's personal appearance like Brazilian butt lift (which happened to be the most sought after kind of cosmetic surgery in 2016), breast augmentation, facial reconstruction and body contouring. You want a surgeon who is both a plastic and a cosmetic plastic surgeon, like Dr. Thomas Narsete who not only make you look and feel beautiful but also use his skills to help children with deformities from developing countries.

This is the part where you get to sit down and have an interview with the surgeons whose names you have short-listed. 

3. In talking with each plastic surgeon, ask for their recommendation on what kind of surgery to have to take care of your problem area. They may have different recommendations so you need to go with the one that you feel most comfortable with. However, you should also ask if they have handled patients with similar concerns to you and the result of the surgery of those patients. Ask for photos if you can. 

4. You also need to check the location where they do the plastic surgery. Board-certified plastic surgeons operate in accredited facilities, either through the state or Medicare. Although office-based facilities are safe too, not many of them are accredited so you may want to opt for an accredited facility.

5. Budget is always a concern unless you belong to the privileged 1%. Plastic surgeons have a baseline fee but the cost of the actual surgery may vary depending on your state, the length of experience of the surgeon and patient variables.